Today’s Wordle #559 Clues and Answer for Friday, December 30 Puzzle

We’re nearly at the end of 2022 yet Wordle, first released to the public in October 2021, is showing few signs of losing its viral popularity.

The game was developed by Josh Wardle, a New York based software engineer, during coronavirus lockdown and later sold to The New York Times for an undisclosed seven-figure fee.

Part of Wordle’s appeal is surely its simplicity, which means the game can be played by almost anyone. Each day the player is tasked with working out a new five-letter word, in six attempts or less.

After each guess the letters light up, letting you know how close to the answer you were. If a letter goes green it is both in the word, and in the position you placed it. Yellow means the letter features, but not where you put it, whilst gray tells you it’s not included at all.

Wordle hints for Friday 30 December 2022
The word game Wordle is shown on a mobile phone on January 12, 2022 in Houston, Texas. Newsweek has some hints and tips to help you crack the latest New York Times brainteaser.
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Speaking to Newsweek, Joel C. Wallenberg, a senior lecturer in language at the University of York in the U.K., said the popularity of Wordle reflects the deep human interest in language.

He said: “I would say, though, that language always seems to be fascinating to people. This is perhaps because producing and understanding language is a fantastically complex process, and we are only aware of the tiniest bit of that process while it’s going on; most of what we do when we speak, we do unconsciously.

“Language games poke at how conscious (or unconscious) we are of our own linguistic processes, and maybe give us a little more insight into them than we had before. That might be one reason why humans, maybe universally, have always invented and enjoyed language games!”

Wordle’s popularity has helped spawn a number of other online puzzles, such as math based game Nerdle and even Worldle, which challenges players to identify a country from its outline.

The answer to today’s puzzle will be revealed at the end of this article, so scroll down with caution if you want to work it out for yourself. To help you solve today’s Wordle, Newsweek has provided some tips.

‘Wordle’ #559 Tips and Clues for Friday, December 30

Wordle players can use these five hints to solve puzzle #559.

Hint #1: No letter is repeated.

Hint #2: There are two vowels.

Hint #3: The second and fourth letters are both vowels.

Hint #4: Something your dentist might look at.

Hint #5: Doesn’t contain the letter “u.”

‘Wordle’ #559 Answer for Friday, December 30

The answer to today’s Wordle is “Molar.”

Did you get it? If so, congratulations! But please don’t worry if not. One of the best things about Wordle is seeing if you can improve your score over time. Either way, we hope to see you again tomorrow when Newsweek will be back with another round of hints and tips for the next New York Times puzzle.

What Does ‘Molar’ Mean?

The Cambridge University Dictionary defines molar as “one of the large teeth at the back of the mouth in humans and some other animals used for crushing and chewing food.”

For example: “I was having some pain in my upper right molar.”

The next Wordle puzzle will be available at 7 p.m. ET, when the daily update occurs.

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