Rudy Giuliani Possibly Given Immunity After 9-Hour January 6 Probe Interview

Former White House counsel John Dean, who was imprisoned for his role in the Watergate scandal,  said Friday on CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight” that Rudy Giuliani may have been given immunity while discussing former President Donald Trump’s one-time personal attorney’s nine-hour interview with the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Anchor Don Lemon said, “Nine hours, as a matter of fact, more than nine hours, that’s quite a long time. Does that sound like someone who is taking the Fifth, or is he actually answering questions?”

Dean said, “It could be a combination of both. He doesn’t want to find himself in contempt of the committee. He’s a skillful lawyer. He’s a former prosecutor. He’s somebody who understands Washington and the way it works. He was in the Department of Justice at one point. He was, as I say, a U.S. attorney and in a very important district, the Southern District of New York. He knows how to play the game and try to thread the needle. Whether he’s done so successfully or not, I don’t know.”

He added, “The other possibility is he was given immunity. I don’t know if that happened or not, but he could have been. I suspect we’ll find out more in the coming hours and days.”

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