Rescuers attach sausages to drones to lure dog to safety in England

Jan. 21 (UPI) — Rescuers operating to draw a runaway dog clear of unhealthy mud flats in England lured the dog to protection by means of attaching a sausage to a drone.

Volunteer group Denmead Drone Seek and Rescue used to be contacted to help while Millie, a Jack Russell terrier and whippet mix, slipped her collar whilst out on a stroll in Hampshire, England, and ended up on mud residences which are recognized to flood in prime tide.


Rescuers working with the local coast guard, firefighters and police were not able to reach Millie strolling or in kayaks, and they determined the dog was spooked and would flee when she caught a glimpse of her may-be saviors.

“considered one of the fellows mentioned, as a last resort, why don’t we try tying a sausage to a drone?” DDSI volunteer Stefani Dennis informed CNN. “This used to be day 3, she’d been there at the mud apartments for 2 days.”

A neighbor who lives by way of the seaside volunteered to cook sausages and connected them to the team’s drones with string.

“The string was once tied around the body of the drone and around the sausage to make it cling around 2 or 3 meters 6.5-9.8 feet — it was once very onerous to gauge how shut you have been to the ground but it surely labored in some way,” Dennis said. “Other People were walking through and did not understand what was happening, it was hilarious.”


Dennis said the drone-lifted sausages had been successful in drawing Millie’s attention.

“She used to be very hungry and got cling of it at one aspect — and nearly took the drone along with her, she got about part a sausage,” she stated.

Millie used to be effectively lured off the mud apartments, but persisted to escape from rescuers until her owner was once in a position to corner her at an industrial property.

“i think all of us cried, i used to be so thankful that she made it home,” Dennis said. “the best way the group came together saved Millie.”

DDSR said in a Fb submit that Millie was tested by way of a veterinarian and found to be unhurt following her adventure.

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