Republican Ideology Collapsed – ‘They Don’t Know What They Believe Anymore’

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes said Friday on his show “All In” that the ideology of the Republican Party had “collapsed in on itself.”

Hayes said, “I think Republicans’ ideology has collapsed in on itself, and they don’t know what they believe anymore, and it makes it harder to oppose stuff. I think the Paul Ryan-ism, isn’t what the party wants anymore, but they don’t really know what to replace it with. Donald Trump-ism is a kind of series of gestures, and it makes it harder to figure out what their actual agenda is. What do you think of that?”

Political commentator Donna Edwards said, “I think you’re right. There’s a lot of noise coming out of the Republican conference. But there isn’t anything that really holds them together. And these days, it’s not even a set of values that holds them together. I do think it is going to make it really complicated for any speaker, whether it’s going to be Kevin McCarthy or somebody else, I predict someone else, to lead a very fractured caucus, one that you can’t, you know, pull together on any range of policy issues. Remember, Paul Ryan governed because he had policy that he believed in and that he was committed to. I just don’t really see that coming out of Kevin McCarthy and coming out of this Republican conference.”

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