Meet the Winner of Breitbart’s First Installment of the Big Ole ‘Merica Sweepstakes

We are happy to announce that the winner of Breitbart’s first installment of our Big Ole ‘Merica Sweepstakes is none other than Miss Katy Stamper from the great state of Georgia! (We say great state of Georgia despite recent news events)

Katy loves her country, loves Breitbart, and most importantly…she loves to grill. So we are thrilled to award her with a brand spanking new grill valued at $1659.99. What Katy doesn’t know is that everyone at Breitbart expects to be invited to her house for a BBQ. (That was in the fine print which was so fine we didn’t include it in the rules)

We caught up with the lucky lawyer and she had this to say about winning and what the Breitbart community means to her:

On Winning:

“This is great! I’m so glad I won this HUGE grill! For years, my family’s get togethers have revolved around grilling brisket, ribs, pork roast, and all that – always cooked by my brother. Now, with some coaching from him, I will be able to host. Thank you, Breitbart News!”

On Reading Breitbart:

“I check Breitbart News every morning to see the main happenings of the day. I also make it a point to check out the Cartel Chronicles every week, because Lord knows what’s happening down there is creeping up here. Brandon Darby is a brave man! And so is Ildefonso Ortiz. I’m really grateful for what they do.”

On the Breitbart Community:

“I love being part of the Breitbart community because I know that my fellow readers are not just swallowing the swill of the mainstream media. They, like me, are interested in seeing issues from an Americans-first perspective. It’s encouraging to know that there are still Americans who have the courage to want America to prosper.”


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Meet the Winner of Breitbart’s First Installment of the Big Ole ‘Merica Sweepstakes

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