Massachusetts Audubon Society contest encourages photographers to explore nature

BOSTON – The Massachusetts Audubon Society wants to see your best nature photographs, and they hope you get to know the beauty of the world around you in the process. 

The organization is holding its annual statewide photo contest.

“It’s just amazing how passionate people are about nature photography and getting out in nature and how many people in the state just are so good at it,” Mass Audubon Society education manager Sean Kent said.

Kent said some of the best pictures are right in your own backyard.

“What’s really neat about this is, this is an insect that in most people’s gardens, this is going to be here right now in the summertime,” Kent said, describing a previous entry. “Like if you go out, you will find it. It’s a small green sweat bee, they are not dangerous and they don’t sting and the colors don’t seem real and it’s in your backyard.”

A previous winner of the Mass. Audubon Society’s photo contest.

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Last year, there were over 8,000 entries. The winning entry was of a green heron with a frog in its beak.

“This a green heron and that’s a frog and what you see right here is something that happens a lot everyday but people never see it because it’s over in seconds,” Kent said. “So you are capturing this real amazing wildlife moment that people usually miss.”

Kent said he expects more entries this year as people can’t wait to get out and take in all the wonders of the Bay State nature

“It’s a really good way to just disconnect and recharge. There are a lot of places, that are right around us and beautiful and people may or may not know,” Kent said.

The contest started June 1, but you still have time to get out and snap the perfect picture. The deadline for submissions is September 30. 

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