Looks Like DOJ Has ‘Overwhelming Rock Crusher of a Case’ Against Trump

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Weissmann said Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that it looks like the Department of Justice has an “overwhelming rock crusher of a case” against former President Donald Trump in the classified document case in Florida.

The discussion was on new ABC News reporting that one of Donald Trump’s assistants, Molly Michael, reportedly handed over to the FBI to-do lists the former president wrote on classified documents.

Weissmann said, “We didn’t need this piece of proof, but this is an aide to Donald Trump who is saying she knows firsthand that Donald Trump knew that he had classified information that he should not have had at Mar-a-Lago. That she told him that his claims to the government that he had returned everything would be, quote, easily disproven, unquote. When Donald Trump learns she was going to be spoken with by the investigators, she said that Donald Trump told her, ‘You don’t know anything about the boxes.’”

He continued, “So you have not only a firsthand witness to the illegal retention of the national defense information, but you have yet another instance of alleged obstruction of justice, which is lying to investigators.”

Weissmann concluded, “I would point out this would make the third instance of obstruction because two are already charged in the indictment. This is somebody who, again, could be just yet another. I will say not even a piece of a puzzle because the puzzle has been complete for so long. This is just an overwhelming rock crusher of a case if this reporting is accurate from Ms. Michael, who some people say is employee 2 in the Florida indictment.  It certainly has the ring of truth, but, obviously, we will wait and see what she has to say at trial, and she will be subject to cross-examination like every witness in the case.”

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