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VACCINE INFORMATION: All Massachusetts residents age 5 and older are eligible to receive a COVID vaccine. Visit Mass.Gov/CovidVaccine to book an appointment or call the hotline at 211.

FRIDAY, April 29

• Massachusetts reports 3,199 new COVID cases, positivity rate increases to 5.37%

THURSDAY, April 28

• Massachusetts reports 3,341 new COVID cases, positivity rate increases to 5.04%

• Moderna seeks emergency use authorization for COVID vaccine for kids 5 and under

• Massachusetts wastewater data shows COVID levels appear to be trending down


• Massachusetts reports 2,807 new COVID cases, positivity rate increases to 4.8%

TUESDAY, April 26

• Boston doctor offers advice for getting underutilized COVID therapy Paxlovid

• Massachusetts reports 1 additional COVID death over 3 days, 2,372 new cases

MONDAY, April 25

• Massachusetts reports 5,443 new COVID cases over 3 days, 10 additional deaths

FRIDAY, April 22

• Massachusetts reports 2,303 new COVID cases, 2 additional deaths

THURSDAY, April 21

• Massachusetts reports 2,303 new COVID cases, 2 additional deaths

• Experts say widespread use of Paxlovid could prevent future hospital surges

• Massachusetts reports 2,528 new COVID cases, 13 additional deaths

• Boston Public Health Commission is “urging” residents to take extra precautions after rise in COVID numbers

• Some CDC panel members say people under 50 should wait for new COVID boosters


• Justice Department seeks to reinstate mask mandate on public transportation

• Massachusetts reports 1,853 new COVID cases, positivity rate increases To 4.3%

• New COVID outbreak at Chelsea Soldiers’ Home

• The Steamship Authority will no longer require masks in terminals or on ferries

• Suffolk, Middlesex, and Berkshire counties are now at medium risk for COVID-19 transmission

• People over 50 who had COVID are at increased risk for shingles, new study says

TUESDAY, April 19

• Massachusetts reports 6,514 new COVID cases, two additional deaths over four days

• Masks are no longer required on the MBTA

• Uber is dropping its mask requirement for riders and drivers

• Travelers at Logan Airport and MBTA stations are adjusting to new mask guidelines

MONDAY, April 18

• TSA will no longer enforce mask mandate after court ruling

FRIDAY, April 15

• Massachusetts reports 2,470 new COVID cases, positivity rate near 3.9%

• FDA authorizes first breath test for COVID-19 infection

THURSDAY, April 14

• Massachusetts reports 2,962 new COVID cases, positivity rate now over 3.6%

• Pfizer to seek authorization for COVID booster shots for 5-to-11-year-olds


• Massachusetts reports 1,969 new COVID cases, 1 additional death

• CDC to extend travel mask requirement for 2 weeks

TUESDAY, April 12

• Massachusetts reports 12 additional COVID deaths over 3 days, 1,712 new cases

• COVID cases in Massachusetts increasing once again

MONDAY, April 11

• Boston Symphony Orchestra cancels European tour over COVID concerns

• Massachusetts reports 4,000 new COVID cases over 3 days, 7 additional deaths

FRIDAY, April 8

• Massachusetts reports 1,637 new COVID cases, 2 additional deaths

• 11 Massachusetts State troopers and one sergeant were fired for refusing to get the COVID vaccine


• Massachusetts reports 1,760 new COVID cases, 7 additional deaths


• Massachusetts reports 1,296 new COVID cases, 3 additional deaths

TUESDAY, April 5

• Massachusetts reports 12 additional COVID deaths, 1,116 new COVID cases

MONDAY, April 4

• Massachusetts reports 2,888 new COVID cases over 3 days, no additional deaths

FRIDAY, April 1

• COVID-19 cases making a comeback in Massachusetts schools

• Boston’s COVID public health emergency ends, but school mask mandate remains

• Massachusetts reports 1,442 new COVID cases, 10 additional deaths

THURSDAY, March 31

• Massachusetts reports 1472 new COVID cases, 7 additional deaths


• Massachusetts reports 1,252 new COVID cases, 1 additional death

TUESDAY, March 29

• Massachusetts reports 16 additional COVID deaths over three days, 882 new cases

• FDA authorizes second booster shots for people 50 and older

• Massachusetts wastewater data shows slow uptick in COVID levels

• CDC says more than 70% of COVID cases in northeast caused by the Omicron subvariant BA.2

MONDAY, March 28

• Massachusetts reports 2,430 new COVID cases over 3 days, 3 additional deaths

• Dr. Anthony Fauci to give Roger Williams University commencement address in May

FRIDAY, March 25

• Massachusetts reports 1,109 new COVID cases, positivity rate back above 2%

THURSDAY, March 24

• Massachusetts reports 1,086 new COVID cases, five additional deaths

• Tufts Medical Center has no COVID patients in ICU for first time in 2 Years


• Massachusetts reports 1,074 new COVID cases, one additional death

• Moderna says its low-dose COVID vaccine works for kids under 6

TUESDAY, March 22

• Massachusetts reports 15 additional COVD deaths over 3 days, 773 new cases

MONDAY, March 21

• Massachusetts reports 1,693 new COVID cases over 3 days, 7 more deaths

• Masks no longer required in state courthouses in Massachusetts

FRIDAY, March 18

• Massachusetts reports 813 new COVID cases, 6 additional deaths

THURSDAY, March 17

• Moderna seeks FDA authorization for 4th dose of COVID shot

• Massachusetts reports 899 new COVID cases, 10 additional deaths

• New COVID variants in forecast for Massachusetts

• Peabody Middle School in Concord is closed Friday due to a COVID-19 outbreak


• Massachusetts reports 725 new COVID cases, 14 additional deaths

TUESDAY, March 15

• Massachusetts reports 16 additional COVID deaths over 3 days, 502 new cases

MONDAY, March 14

• Massachusetts reports 1,520 new COVID cases over 3 days, 9 additional deaths

FRIDAY, March 11

• Massachusetts reports 677 new COVID cases, 14 additional deaths

THURSDAY, March 10

• Massachusetts’ COVID death count will decrease by 3,700 after it adjusted its definition

• Massachusetts reports 802 new COVID cases, 22 additional deaths

• Thursday marks the second anniversary of when Gov. Charlie Baker declared a State of Emergency at the start of the COVID pandemic


Boston to end COVID public health emergency on April 1

• Massachusetts reports 775 new COVID cases, 28 additional deaths

TUESDAY, March 8

• Massachusetts reports 61 additional COVID deaths over 3 days, 607 new cases

MONDAY, March 7

• Worcester Board of Health votes to lift public schools mask mandate effective immediately

• Massachusetts reports 1,694 new COVID cases over 3 days, 22 additional deaths

• Masks, proof of vaccination no longer required to visit Massachusetts State House


• Boston officially ends its indoor mask mandate in most settings

FRIDAY, March 4

• Massachusetts reports 900 new COVID cases, 23 additional deaths

• Gov. Baker announces the state is downsizing its “Stop The Spread” testing sites due to drop in demand


• Massachusetts reports 1,067 new COVID cases, 27 additional deaths

• 3,084 at Massachusetts schools test positive for COVID-19 over last two weeks

• Experts say COVID transitioning to endemic


• Massachusetts reports 907 new COVID cases, 35 additional deaths

• TD Garden lifting mask requirement Saturday

• Lawrence Mayor Brian DePeña says city on track to lift indoor mask mandate Friday

• Northeastern will remove indoor mask mandate on campus Saturday

TUESDAY, March 1

• Boston to drop city’s indoor mask mandate in most settings as of Saturday

• Mass. reports 1,209 new COVID cases, 62 additional deaths

MONDAY, February 28

• Massachusetts reports 1,632 new COVID cases, 7-Day positivity rate drops below 2%

• Swansea students celebrate end of mask mandate with “Annie” parody

• Many schools returning from February break with no mask mandate

FRIDAY, February 25

• CDC significantly eases pandemic mask guidelines

• Massachusetts reports 1,329 new COVID cases, 29 additional deaths

THURSDAY, February 24

• Massachusetts reports 1,556 new COVID cases, 48 additional deaths

WEDNESDAY, February 23

• Massachusetts reports 938 new COVID cases, 133 additional deaths

• School mask mandates ending in New Hampshire

TUESDAY, February 22

• Mass. reports 4,118 new COVID cases over 4 days, 37 additional deaths

MONDAY, February 21

• TD Garden no longer requires proof of COVID vaccination as of Monday

SATURDAY, February 19

• The TD Garden announces it will end its proof of COVID vaccination requirement on Monday

• Boston Public Library holds rally for workers after disruptive protests from anti-mask protesters

FRIDAY, February 18

• Boston Mayor Michelle Wu lifts city’s proof of vaccine requirement for indoor businesses

• Students excited to drop masks after February vacation

• Massachusetts reports 1,983 new COVID cases, 47 additional deaths

• Mask mandate officially lifted in Newton, prompting mixed reaction among residents

THURSDAY, February 17

• Massachusetts reports 2,326 new COVID cases, 37 additional deaths

• As Worcester drops mask mandate, Boston moves closer to easing restrictions

• 3,921 at Massachusetts schools test positive for COVID-19 in last week

• New study says COVID increases risk of heart issues up to a year after infection

WEDNESDAY, February 16

• Massachusetts reports 1,653 new COVID cases, 46 additional deaths

• State’s health and education secretaries send letter to colleges and universities asking them to consider returning ‘near normal’ conditions

TUESDAY, February 15

• Court blocks vaccine mandate for some Boston firefighters, police

• Free COVID tests arriving: What to know about expiration dates, cold temps

• Mass. reports 1,459 new COVID cases, 90 additional deaths over 3 days

• Provincetown lifting COVID vaccine proof and mask mandates, citing “zero active cases” among residents

• Massachusetts no longer recommending face masks for everyone indoors

• Boston’s proof of vaccine mandate could be dropped in “the next few days,” Wu says

MONDAY, February 14

• Mass. reports 3,863 new covid cases over 3 days, 66 additional deaths

• Frustrated parents await guidance on masks in school

• The Massachusetts State House will reopen to the public on February 22, lawmakers announced

FRIDAY, February 11

• Massachusetts reports 2,499 new COVID cases, 53 additional deaths

• Massachusetts State Police claim of ‘prohibited practice’ over state’s COVID vaccine mandate dismissed

• Salem health officials receive anti-Semitic messages in response to COVID decisions

• FDA postpones advisory panel meeting on Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for kids under 5

• MIAA ending mask requirement for high school sports on February 28

THURSDAY, February 10

• Mass. reports 2,611 new COVID cases, 7-day positivity rate drops below 4%

• 6,723 at Massachusetts schools test positive for COVID-19 in last week

• Archdiocese Of Boston to end mask requirement for Masses on February 28

• Boston will not drop mask mandate in city schools on February 28, Wu says

• Boston Teachers Union reaches deal with city allowing COVID testing for unvaccinated educators

WEDNESDAY, February 9

• Mass. reports 2,794 new COVID cases, 69 additional deaths

• Mask mandate for Massachusetts schools ending February 28

TUESDAY, February 8

• Salem Board of Health votes to rescind COVID-related public health rules

• Massachusetts reports 128 additional COVID deaths over 3 Days, 1,792 new cases

• 42 Massachusetts schools now allowed by state to lift mask mandates

• Boston nearing thresholds to drop proof of vaccination requirement in some indoor settings, mayor says

• City councilors want hearing on why Boston is still in a public health emergency

• Marlboro ends indoor mask mandate

MONDAY, February 7

• Mass. reports 6,725 new COVID cases over 3 days, 56 additional deaths

• Worcester board of health to drop city’s indoor mask mandate on February 18

FRIDAY, February 4

• Mass. tops 1.5 million confirmed COVID cases, but positivity rate drops again

THURSDAY, February 3

• Mass. reports 4,829 new COVID cases, 59 additional deaths

• 11,986 at Massachusetts schools test positive for COVID-19 in last week

• Omicron COVID variant may cause less damage to lungs than delta variant, researchers say

• Medicare opens up access to free at-home COVID-19 tests

WEDNESDAY, February 2

• Massachusetts reports 4,973 new COVID cases, 87 additional deaths

• Some doctors, parents urge schools to make masks optional for students

TUESDAY, February 1

• Massachusetts reports 127 additional COVID deaths over 3 days, 2,628 new cases

• Pfizer asks FDA to authorize COVID vaccine for kids under 5

MONDAY,  January 31

• Mass. reports 12,127 new COVID cases over 3 days, 83 additional deaths

• Massachusetts colleges should return to “near normal” and transition to endemic, state says

• Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine gets full approval from FDA

• Schools enrolled in new program to begin receiving at-home COVID tests

FRIDAY,  January 28

• Massachusetts reports 7,181 new COVID cases, 65 additional deaths

THURSDAY,  January 27

• Judge pauses COVID vaccine mandate for certain Boston workers

• Mass. reports 8,616 new COVID cases, 7-day positivity rate drops below 10%

• 21,686 at Massachusetts schools test positive for COVID-19 in last week

• Moderna starts testing Omicron-specific booster dose

WEDNESDAY, January 26

• Smooth sailing at COVID testing sites around Boston

• Massachusetts reports 7,918 new COVID cases, 80 additional deaths

TUESDAY, January 25

• Mass. reports 7,120 new COVID cases and 148 additional deaths over 3 days

• Boston parents hold driving protest outside DESE meeting over COVID protocols

MONDAY, January 24

• Man can’t get heart transplant because he’s not vaccinated against COVID

• Mass. reports 24,512 new COVID cases over 3 days, 78 additional deaths

• Mayor Wu extends vaccination deadline, but 100 Boston firefighters protest mandate at City Hall

SUNDAY, January 23

• Boston city workers given additional week to show proof of COVID vaccination

FRIDAY, January 21

• Massachusetts reports 13,935 new COVID cases, 102 additional deaths

• Salem offers $500 incentive to workers at businesses where COVID vaccines required

• Booster shots provide best protection against Omicron variant, CDC studies show

• COVID-19 vaccinations do not impair fertility in men or women, study finds

• Massachusetts Nurses Union wants Baker’s help to address “overwhelmed and burned out” workers

THURSDAY, January 20

• Mask rage incidents growing in Massachusetts

• Nearly half of all COVID hospitalizations are “incidental” cases

• Massachusetts reports 14,384 new COVID cases, 86 additional deaths

• 32,909 at Massachusetts schools test positive for COVID-19 in last week

WEDNESDAY, January 19

• Massachusetts reports 14,647 new COVID cases, 199 additional deaths

• COVID forecaster sees brighter future

• Customer punches Regina Pizzeria employee after being asked to wear mask

• Child care and preschools in Massachusetts to get rapid COVID tests for kids, staff

• 400 million N95 masks to be given away by federal government starting next week

• Salem father, daughter back home after COVID puts both in ICU

TUESDAY, January 18

• Massachusetts COVID cases on steep downward trend

• Massachusetts reports 56,489 new COVID cases over multiple days, 47 additional deaths

• Free at-home COVID tests now available online through post office

• Massachusetts “very much on the back side” of Omicron surge, Baker says

• State to provide weekly at-home COVID tests for students, staff at schools

• New high-capacity COVID testing site opens in Roxbury

• Moderna plans to have combination COVID booster, flu vaccine ready by Fall 2023

MONDAY, January 17

• Boston nurses concerned about limited supply of N95 masks

SATURDAY, January 15

• Boston’s B-Together initiative that requires proof of vaccination in certain indoor spaces goes into effect

FRIDAY, January 14

• Massachusetts reports 12,864 new COVID cases, 64 additional deaths

• Massachusetts hospital leaders say health care system is “gasping for air”

• Mayor Michelle Wu announces the COVID vaccine mandate for Boston city employees will not officially be enforced until Jan. 24

• Some Boston students walk out to demand remote learning count towards 180 school days

THURSDAY, January 13

• Massachusetts reports 18,721 new COVID cases, 36 additional deaths

• 48,414 at Massachusetts schools test positive for COVID-19 in the last week

• 3 “Center for COVID Control” testing sites shut down due to lack of clinical lab licenses

WEDNESDAY, January 12

• Boston plans to provide rapid COVID tests to students prior to February vacation

• Massachusetts reports 22,184 new COVID cases, 75 additional deaths

• Massachusetts testing more than 500 deer for COVID

TUESDAY, January 11

• Brookline will require proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, gyms, entertainment venues

• Boston wastewater suggests surge of Omicron cases may be falling off

• Gov. Baker pushes back on pressure to allow remote learning, increased mask guidance

• Massachusetts reports 116 additional COVID deaths over three days, 17,802 new cases

• CDC reportedly considering recommending N95 masks

• 26 million rapid at-home COVID tests coming to Massachusetts over next 3 months, Baker says

• Baker activates 500 more National Guard members to help hospitals

MONDAY, January 10

• Massachusetts reports 60,986 new COVID cases over 3 Days, 53 additional deaths

• Teen develops website to find COVID tests for sale online

• Massachusetts launches digital COVID vaccine record access for residents at MyVaxRecords.Mass.Gov

• Massachusetts extends mask requirement in all public schools through February 28

• Massachusetts is changing how it reports COVID-19 hospitalizations

SATURDAY, January 8

• Commuter Rail will be cutting back service for at least two weeks due to the impact of COVID-19 on its workforce

• Massachusetts Lottery holds 3 COVID vaccine clinics this weekend

• Framingham Public Schools are suspending extracurricular activities due to a rise in COVID cases

FRIDAY, January 7

• Massachusetts reports 26,187 new COVID cases, positivity rate rises over 23%

THURSDAY, January 6

• Massachusetts reports 24,570 new COVID cases, positivity rate rises to 22.43%

• 51,100 at Massachusetts schools test positive for COVID-19 in last two weeks

• Massachusetts lawmaker files bill to make at-home COVID tests exempt from state sales tax

WEDNESDAY, January 5

• Massachusetts reports 27,612 new COVID cases, new single day record

• Massachusetts COVID deaths surpass 20,000

• Fenway Park to reopen as COVID vaccine site Thursday

• Boston Mayor urges vaccines, boosters as hospitals deal with COVID surge

• DESE says some KN95 masks given to schools not tested by MIT, as Baker said

• Framingham schools suspend extra-curricular activities for two weeks

• Boston superintendent Brenda Cassellius fills in as teacher amid staffing shortage

• COVID sniffing dogs search Norton Middle School for traces of virus

TUESDAY, January 4

• COVID sniffing K-9s begin working in Massachusetts schools

• Massachusetts reports 16,621 new COVID-19 cases, positivity rate now over 20%

• New Bedford High School, Middle School pause sports until Friday

• Weymouth High School closed Wednesday due to staffing shortages

• Boston looking to open “higher-capacity testing site” during case surge

• More than 1,000 Boston teachers, staff out on first day back after winter break

• Massachusetts emergency room doctors, nurses say they’re overwhelmed

• Wellesley schools to resume winter sports after pause due to COVID cases

MONDAY, January 3

• Massachusetts reports 31,184 new COVID cases over 3 days, positivity rate hits new peak

• Gov. Baker and the DESE defend decision to give face masks to Mass. teachers despite study saying they don’t offer much protection

• Hospitals in for “rough” January, says UMass Memorial Health Care president

• FDA allows Pfizer booster shots for kids ages 12-to-15

• 155 Boston school employees out sick following winter break

• Baker: “vast majority” of Massachusetts schools open after winter break, despite COVID concerns

SATURDAY, January 1, 2022

• Massachusetts starts handing out 227,000 rapid COVID-19 test kits for school teachers, staff

• Over 80 flights canceled from Logan Airport, around the country as Omicron causes airline staffing shortages

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