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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As we count down to Mother’s Day, an incredible story about one woman’s journey to become a mother. Marjorie Margolies had an incredible career but dreamed of starting a family. What she did next changed history.

An untraditional family at first glimpse but for Margolies, she never imagined simply becoming a mother would spark history.

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“I started to do a series on Korean orphans adopted in this area,” she said.

Her assignment as a CBS correspondent soon opened a door she never imagined. At 25 and single, her own efforts to adopt and start a family were foiled until another assignment, the pertinent topic: hard to place children.

“I went to Korea and in 1970 and I met Lee Heh, who was 7 years old,” Margolies said.

Lee Heh would become her daughter. Then, three years later in Vietnam, serendipity when Margolies ran into people from the same adoption agency.

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“They picked Holly, who was 6. And she was just impossible. She was a terror, but fabulous. She was a pickpocket, she smoked. She, I mean she smoked at 6. And she was hilarious. Absolutely hilarious,” Margolies said.

Margolies became a network correspondent, then got into politics and was elected to Congress and met a man with four daughters of his own.

“So we had six girls and we got married and then we had two boys. I gave birth to two boys. And then we were asked to take this refugee family,” Margolies said.

One of her biological sons is married to first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, whose mother, Hillary, wrote the forward for Margolies’ new memoir “And How are the Children? Timeless Lessons From the Front Lines of Motherhood.”

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Watch the video to see more of Jessica Kartalija’s interview with Margolies.

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