Ex-Tucker Producer Abby Grossberg Claims to Have 90 Recordings from Network and Trump Team

Former Fox News producer for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Abby Grossberg said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that she has 90 recordings on her phone related to her time on the show.

Grossberg is suing Fox News for discrimination.

Grossberg said, “I know from my experience that there were multiple recordings on my devices that never turned up. Dominion said they didn’t have them. I gave Fox my phones. I literally said, take everything off the Otter app. It was their responsibility to go through everything. The recordings I found during my own investigation into my own case in January of this year uncovered tapes of Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell and Trump’s team. I don’t know why they didn’t find that. I don’t know if that was recklessness or it was done purposefully. If it happened with me, it happened with other people too.”

Anchor Nicolle Wallace asked, “Where are all of those recordings now? Did Dominion ultimately get them?”

Grossberg said, “I still have, I have several recordings that I’m still going through that we’ve recovered from all of the phones. There are 90 that we have. I don’t know what Fox turned over. I do know, based on what I’ve read, that they did hand over those Sidney and Rudy tapes to them. Fox should have everything. They really should.”

Wallace asked, “Have you been contacted by Smartmatic?”

Grossberg said, “Yes.”

Wallace said, “And you’ve shared all the honor recordings of them or whatever?”

Grossberg answered, “I’ve been subpoenaed. We haven’t shared anything yet.”

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